Occlusion and Malocclusion


Dental occlusion is the term used to describe how the teeth and dental arches make contact with each other when you close / open your mouth or bite down.

A properly aligned bite is when the top teeth (maxillary) sit a little over the bottom teeth (mandibular) and the back molars, providing comfortable chewing and biting. 


A misaligned bite is when the bite is not aligned properly. This is called a malocclusion. If not treated this can cause several serious dental issues. 

Having a misaligned bite can often cause several problems for patient b including things such as jaw pain, teeth grinding, pain and tenderness, worn down teeth, gum disease and even tooth loss.


Some symptoms of malocclusion can include;

•Teeth are not aligned 

•Fractured or cracked /broken fillings or crowns

•Teeth that are worn 

•Teeth are sensitive 

•Teeth that are always aching 

• Overcrowded teeth

• Underbite/overbite

If your teeth don’t fit together properly, you can have problems not only in your teeth themselves but also in the gums, the temporomandibular joint ‘the muscles that move your jaw.


TMJ refers to the ‘temporomandibular joint‘, which is the joint connecting your lower jaw and your skull. This joint allows you to open and close your mouth and chew from side to side. 

Clicking, grinding or pain in your jaw joints, ringing or buzzing in your ears and difficulty in opening or closing your mouth could all be due to your teeth not meeting each other properly.

Symptoms of TMJ disorder;

•headaches, migraines (especially first thing in the morning)

•pain behind your eyes 

•sinus pain 

•neck pain 

•Clicking, grinding

•jaw pain 

•gum disease 

•tooth loss 

At Lakeridge Dental Centre our team of dental professionals are committed to providing our patients dealing with occlusion issues with the latest innovative treatments and long-term solutions to help you get you smiling again and your teeth functioning better than ever.

A comprehensive dental exam at Lakeridge Dental Centre will provide our dental professionals with the information they need to recommend the best course of dental treatment. The type of treatment will depend on the individual patient. 

Dental Treatment for Malocclusion;

Orthodontics– Teeth straightening Orthodontic treatment can be extremely beneficial in some cases to correct the out-of-line teeth by moving them into a new position to achieve a well-balanced bite.

Replacing Teeth -The temporomandibular joint needs equal support from both sides of the jaw and missing teeth can cause misalignment and uneven distribution of pressure and bite force. Using bridges or partial dentures, missing teeth can be easily replaced to help resolve the problem.

Tooth Adjustment-Sculpting, recontouring or changing the position or direction of troublesome teeth can help to correct alignment issues.

Mouth Guard – typically worn at night to help prevent patients from grinding their teeth or to prevent any damage that can occur when they do.

If you are concerned about the alignment of your teeth. Call the dental professionals at Lakeridge Dental Centre today!