Happy New Year!

Lakeridge Dental Centre welcomes in 2024!

It’s that time again when we all make New Year’s resolutions.

Whether it’s losing a few pounds,  seeing loved ones more or getting healthy.  A New Year’s resolution is a promise we make to ourselves.

One of the most common and very important promises we make to ourselves is to stay on top of our health.   That should include our oral health. The link between our physical health and our oral health is well established.  Our oral health is and should be our top priority. 

Improving daily oral care routines is a simple way to improve your health and an achievable New Year’s resolution to help look after your 



The easiest way to start is to maintain proper oral hygiene habits at home.

  • Brush at least twice per day

When you brush your teeth, you destroy the bacteria from your mouth. Bacteria, if left in your mouth results in damaging the enamel of your tooth that gradually weakens the gums and roots resulting in the decay of teeth. One of the times when you brush your teeth should be at night. This is important because, during the night, the formation of plaque is mostly undisturbed. 

  • Floss at least once per day 

Daily flossing helps prevent gum disease. Flossing helps to prevent tooth decay by removing food particles from our teeth.  This helps to keep our gums and teeth free of bacteria . 

  • Stay hydrated, drink plenty of water

Staying hydrated not only helps our general health by keeping our energy levels up and keeps our body working at its maximum efficiency.  Water also plays a large role in keeping our mouths healthy. 

Water keeps our saliva levels consistent. Saliva is needed to help clean our mouth and prevent dry mouth . Dry mouth can cause plaque buildup, cavities and bad breath. 

  • Limit consumption of Alcohol 

Consuming alcohol not only can contribute to tooth decay, it can even speed up its progression. Giving up alcohol completely might not be the solution for everyone, but cutting down on your alcohol consumption will most definitely be best for your physical and oral health.

  • Quit Smoking and Vaping 

Smoking has serious negative consequences on your oral health . Smoking reduces blood flow to your gums, reduces saliva production and increases the likelihood of serious physical and oral health issues. 

If you need help to stop drinking or smoking speak to your family physician to find valuable resources to help you .  

  • Eat healthy, less snacking on foods that are unhealthy such as foods high in sugar 

The foods we consume not only affect our general health but our oral health as well. Focus on a well-balanced diet with an emphasis on calcium-rich foods such as yogurt, cheese and low-fat or fat-free milk to help you have strong teeth and bones. If you are someone who does not consume animal products there are many alternatives these days, all dairy products have alternatives, such as oat milk, soy milk etc, Beans and lentils are also excellent sources of calcium. Another part of healthy eating is to avoid sugar.  Plaque and bacteria use sugar to produce acids that attack your enamel. Sugar has also been linked to obesity, heart disease and diabetes. 

  • Exercise

Did you know that exercise not only improves your physical and mental health but your oral health as well? 

  • Exercising regularly can reduce your chance of developing gum disease by more than 50%.
  • Regular exercise helps to control inflammation in the body. Inflammation is linked to many health and oral health issues. Regular exercise usually around 20 minutes per day can help reduce the risk of of high blood pressure, diabetes, and other medical conditions. These conditions have a significant impact on oral health. 
  • Considering the link between oral and physical health. 

Maintaining your physical health due to regular exercise will help to achieve good oral health.

  • People who exercise regularly are more likely to stick to routines and much less likely to consume foods high in sugar. Therefore, maintaining their optimum oral health. 

What’s next, you are doing everything you can to maintain your oral health at home. 

Now it’s up to the dental professionals at Lakeridge Dental Centre.  You must realize that your dentist and hygienist are your partners in your oral health.  They work with you to help you achieve and maintain optimal oral health. 

  • Regular visits to your dentist at least twice per year
  • Follow through with any treatments your dentist recommends promptly.  You must trust your dentist to know what is best for you and your oral health.  Dental issues don’t go away they get worse over time.  If left untreated dental issues can harm not only your physical health but also your oral health.  They can also be quite expensive thus making preventative dental care much more cost-effective. 
  • Regular visits to your hygienist at least twice a year. ( Your hygienist may recommend that you have more frequent cleanings every 3 months, every 6 months etc, depending on your specific hygiene needs).

Also,  if cosmetic dental procedures are something you are considering , you must start with a healthy mouth . 

Lakeridge Dental Centre wishes you and your family a safe , happy and prosperous 2024!